Understanding Feminism and Patriarchy

Patriarchy [pay-tree-r-key, noun]: A word, like war, rapelynch or genocide, which encompasses within a few letters so much evil, so much stupidity, so much destruction, pain and hurt.

According to Gerda Lerner, patriarchy is a dysfunctional social system which originated a brief 3 to 5 millennia ago. It is a human artefact built on the concepts of:

  • Male superiority and misogyny.
  • Militarism.
  • Slavery.
  • Dominance of a few and the expendability of the many.
  • Objectification of “the other”, including our Mother, the Earth.
  • Hatred of anyone not of our tribe, as well as those of the tribe who do not slavishly and mindlessly follow its rules for behaviour.

In Nature, working with Gaia to preserve the environment for your descendants, cooperation between and within species to maximize group success, and survival of the fittest individuals are the critical mantras when it comes to producing future generations. On the individual side, an inflexible rule for a male is that a strong, healthy, intelligent, competent and capable female is the way to ensure that his offspring are both vigorous and have a maximum chance of surviving to reproduce.

How Feminism and Patriarchy Has Created the Perfect Recipe for Extinction

Our species has been around for over 500 millennia. In a mere 4 of those millennia, less than 1% of human existence, patriarchy has created the perfect recipe for extinction by turning the natural order upside down, weakening our gene pool by:

  • Killing-off the strongest males in war, leaving the elderly, decrepit and weak to reproduce, while finding “sexiness” in females who are physically unfit – weak, fragile, sickly, frail – and mentally incapable – spineless, incompetent, helpless, witless.
  • Poisoning our children’s food with additives, preservatives, coloring, salt, sugar, etc., while taking that food from an environment made increasingly toxic by artificial fertilizers, pesticides and pollution.
  • Siring sub-systems, such as capitalism, and whatever you want to call what operates in places like China and Russia, all of which, regardless of how they self-describe, destroy the future for our descendants so as to line the pockets of a few dominant males.
  • Treating Gaia like an object, something to be manipulated, exploited, used and abused, destroying our world – its land, water, air and biosphere – the world our children will have to grow-up in and then try to raise their children in.

Our Mission: Create Cartoons About Feminism and Patriarchy

Our mission is to confront the ills created by patriarchy – to make this world a better place by creating cartoons to promote thought.

Understand we all swim in a toxic pool of patriarchal sludge – attitudes, beliefs, prejudices. We want our writing to encourage you to think deeply and critically about what you read, hear and see. We want you to look at what we have so long taken for granted and to get riled up at the astonishing silliness and senselessness of the things the patriarchy has taught us to accept.

And that is especially true with respect to its daughters: The absurdity, the cruelty, the inexplicability of how we think about half the human race, behave towards females, organize women’s lives and choose to shape our societies on a truly strange platform of outdated and sexist ideas.

Enjoy One of Our Feminist Cartoons on This Topic:


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