Public Sexual Harassment (PSH)

Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Women

Dogs & Women:

Across cultures, and across time, we have shared so much.

〰 ⚤ 〰

The Master got to stride boldly down the street and was free to threaten, kick, abuse, or even kill any dog which dared to try to share the sidewalk with him.

Globally, historically, men have inflicted similar harassments on women.

〰 ⚤ 〰

In cultures with a conscience, we have a Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) to protect dogs from such maltreatment.

Time for an SPCW?

Catch-22 (Snatch-22)

Rape is Not About Sex

Research shows that rape is not about sex.

〰  ⚤ 〰

It is about power, humiliation, degradation, and punishment.

〰  ⚤ 〰

Ejaculation is an after-thought.

“Speak” is commonly read in high school and college literature classes, and has proven to be a useful springboard to conversations about rape mythology, sexual violence and consent.

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