Logical Phallusies

Dress Charade


Go to a war museum and check-out those uniforms!

Gold frills, lace, chains, high collars picked-out in precious metals, silk scarves, silver and mother of pearl buttons, bright colours!

Poufy feathers on even poufier hats, spiffy high black leather boots with higher heels, slinky riding crops!

Bejewelled weapons, tight pants, ornate jackets. More recently, dashing khaki, and sexy camouflage, expertly tailored to reveal manly bulges.

All littered with pendants, ribbons, tiny embroidered or enamelled flags and stars, and of course, lots of shiny medals.

The macho military male has been the Mr. Dress-Up of history.

Yet men whine about women and their obsession with fashion.

For a visual feast of male pouffery, you may wish to look at this book …

Visual Encyclopedia of Military Uniforms Paperback – Sept. 19 2011

Catch-22 (Snatch-22)

Regarding Your Opinion

I do not wish to hear YOUR opinion of:

☐ How I should behave.
☐ How I should think.
☐ What I should wear.
☐ My education choices.
☐ Whom I should love.
☐ My sexual options.
☐ Whom I should marry.
☐ Whether I should have children.
☐ Whether I may work.
☐ What work I may do.
☐ What I should do with my life.

I am not a slave.
〰 ⚤ 〰
You are not my master. 

Razing Daughters

Patriarchy: A Proud Mass Murderer

Chart with comparing genocides by the nazis and patriarchy. The number of deaths from the Nazis: 6 Million
The number of deaths from female infanticide and patriarchy: 100 Million+
6 million people exterminated.

〰  ⚤ 〰

100+ million girls exterminated across Asia, Africa, and the Middle East.

〰  ⚤ 〰

A proud mass murderer.

What is female infanticide?

Female infanticide is the deliberate killing of newborn female children. In countries with a history of female infanticide, the modern practice of sex-selective abortion is often discussed as a closely related issue. Female infanticide is a major cause of concern in several nations such as ChinaIndia and Pakistan. It has been argued that the low status in which women are viewed in patriarchal societies creates a bias against females.

Razing Daughters

How Do You Kill A Maggot?

Female Infanticide and foeticide. In china, baby girls are sometimes referred to as "maggots in the rice"
In China, baby girls are referred to as “maggots in the rice”.
How do you kill a maggot?

〰  ⚤ 〰

Stuff hay down her throat. Force-feed her dry, unhulled rice, puncturing her windpipe. Make her swallow fertilizer, detergent, or drain cleaner.

〰  ⚤ 〰

Strangle her. Drop her on her head. Snap her neck. Drown her. Roast her in a clay pot. Abandon her by a roadside to starve to death or be eaten alive.
Razing Daughters

Female Infanticide vs Female Foeticide

Female Foeticide:
Killing girls before they are born.

〰  ⚤ 〰

Modern technology allows the foetus’ sex to be determined earlier.

〰  ⚤ 〰

Patriarchal ingenuity:
The ultrasound machine as weapon of mass destruction.

〰  ⚤ 〰

Patriarchal convenience:
Unwanted girls can now be aborted while still in the womb.

〰  ⚤ 〰

Female Infanticide:
Killing girls after they are born.

〰  ⚤ 〰

The old-fashioned way of dealing with the crime of being conceived female.
Catch-22 (Snatch-22)

Magazine Choices of Men vs Women

Women’s magazines: Fashion, romance, cooking and crafts, and weddings.

Men’s magazines: Sports, pornography, hunting and killing, and cars.

Women: Intellectual frippery.
Men: Intellectual substance.

The magazine choices of men vs women.
Women: Fashion, romance, cooking and crafts, and weddings.
Men: Sports, pornography, hunting and killing, and cars.
Point in case- every gender has its own guilty pleasures!

Catch-22 (Snatch-22)


If they can get into your snatch, then you’re a slut.

〰  ⚤ 〰

If they can’t get into your snatch, then you’re frigid.

〰  ⚤ 〰


To read more about Catch-22’s, click here.

Snatch 22 is our feminist spin on “Catch 22”, a concept that derives from a book by Joseph Heller that you can purchase on Amazon for $19.95.

Catch-22 (Snatch-22)

Male Sexuality 101

About half of women sometimes have orgasms during intercourse. About 20 percent seldom or ever have orgasms during intercourse. And about 5 percent never have orgasms, period.

Psychology Today
Male Sexuality 101:
A man knows that if he rubs his penis, then it feels good. So naturally, if YOU rub it, then YOU should feel good too.

— ⚤ —

Perhaps this dismal self-centered lack of sexual knowledge explains why up to 75% of women consistently fail to have orgasms in vagina-penis sex.

— ⚤ —

The sad reality:
For all of their endless dirty-talk, most males know diddly-squat about sex.

You can learn more about bias in science, and what is known about the evolution of the intriguing trait of female orgasm in this book on Amazon, called “The Case of the Female Orgasm: Bias in the Science of Evolution”