Let Them Breathe!

Photo Credit: Obi Onyeador
A whole group of oppressed human beings is crying out to you in their pain, in their distress, “We can’t breathe!”

“So many of you are asking: What can I do? There is a sense of helplessness, but that must not paralyze us. Your voice matters, especially when you are a leader or influential figure, and especially if you are white. Leaders have to be bold enough to state the obvious and call out racism.

“The conversation can no longer be avoided because it is hard. We have to have it. Now.”
Masai Ujiri
(President, Toronto Raptors)

This IS a white problem

As a Caucasian, I may not be individually responsible for the wrongs of history – I didn’t commit the offenses – some distant ancestor did.

I may be a good person, who believes in equality.

But that does not let me off the hook:

Our Society, our wealth, our success rests upon a foundation largely built by enslaved labor. The soil we sprang from was made fruitful with the fertilizer of their blood, their bones, their suffering, and their souls.

We have, every one of us, benefitted from the sacrifices our ancestors extracted from these People.

“This is a white problem. How are WE Caucasian people going to create equality? Listen. Read. Walk in others shoes. Organize. Sacrifice. Change. Support. VOTE! These are the MINIMUM of REPARATIONS.”
Steve Nash
(Basketball Hall of Famer, recent Canadian Sports Hall of Fame inductee, two-time NBA MVP)