Understanding Social Inequality in Patriarchy 

Patriarchy is a social system created by brutal conquerors using three basic concepts: 


In a SLAVE SOCIETY, those defined as superior by their class / religion / wealth / education / genetic heritage (e.g., male and Aryan, Caucasian, or European) are masters – privileged, entitled, despots. Everyone else is an underling who may be used, abused, and disposed of at the whim of a master. 

Underlings are always seen as potentially dangerous – liable to rise-up and kill the masters. They are rigidly controlled, indoctrinated into believing in their inferiority and drilled to be servile, obedient and non-questioning. 

Paranoia about rebellion means all underlings are a threat. Masters and their authorized servants (police, military, courts) feel free to attack an underling, even one exhibiting the most innocent of behaviours. And any conduct outside the accepted norms for a subordinate will be viciously and violently dealt with. 


A MILITARISTIC SOCIETY is both violent and organized into layered ranks of masters and underlings: The King is supreme. Nobles control all below them, their knights have control of those below them … and so on for every level of society and every group in it.

The world is a bureaucratic triangle, with a few in the top levels giving orders and hoarding the wealth. A small layer of sycophants supports the top, while the multitude at the bottom are expected to do as they are told, uphold the system, toil to create the wealth and feel gratitude for any crumbs which fall from above. 

Male dominance and misogyny 

In a society of MALE DOMINANCE men are on top.

MISOGYNY means that “femaleness” is treated with contempt – suppressed, enslaved, punished, silenced, kept ignorant and preferably locked-up and away from the public eye. A female in public, unaccompanied by her owner, may be harassed, raped, tortured, maimed or killed at the whim of any passing male. And she deserved it. 

Social Inequality Is Built into All Systems Sired by Patriarchy 

Patriarchy ties together a host of what before seemed to be isolated and dissimilar concepts, events, and people. 

Consider the following: 

  • Capitalism, communism, imperialism, colonialism, fascism, Nazism, totalitarianism, authoritarianism, bureaucracies. 
  • Genocide, eugenics, racism, discrimination, rape-culture, wife abuse, public sexual harassment, work harassment.
  • The Klan, the Aryan Brotherhood, Daesh, the Taliban. 
  • Royalty, class society, billionaires, social inequality and poverty. 
  • George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, Harvey Weinstein, Jeffrey Epstein, Roger Ailes, Trump, the Koch brothers.

    Do you see the pattern? 

    Stare through a patriarchal lens at history, at how our societies function, at every news story, every political event, every economic one, how you and others like you are treated … are the pieces of the puzzle starting to fall into place?

    Doesn’t the world suddenly start to make perfect sense once you understand how patriarchy functions? 


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