His-Story as Bunk

How Men Welcome Competition!

Competition? Men love to applaud and praise competition. But the threat of real competition scares them. So, historically, men eliminated at least one-half of the human race from the race.

〰 ⚤ 〰

Man’s dirty little secret when it comes to competition resembles their economic attitudes: Talk about free trade while instituting subsidies, tariffs and quotas.

〰 ⚤ 〰

Subsidies: Advantage a product by providing it with financial assistance not provided to others.
Tariffs: Disadvantage a product with a higher cost structure.
Quotas: Restrict product entry.
Subsidies: Boys get the lion’s share of a society’s resources; girls get left out.

Tariffs: Girls do the housework and then they can do paid work.
Quotas: No girls allowed.