Public Sexual Harassment (PSH)

End Public Harassment #3: Victimless Crime

Public sexual harassment (PSH) is the most common form of violence against women and girls. Yet it is belittled, ignored, and normalised. Women are accused of getting upset over nothing when it happens. Like prostitution, Society sees it as a victimless crime.

4 men in a car, follow Shanice, a 10-year-old girl in her school uniform, across a bridge with wolf-whistles, jeers, and shouts of “How much for a blow-job?”

85-pound Shelley tells 3 large men who are sexually harassing her that she is only 13. They say, “So what, we don’t care how old you are.”

18-year-old Donna is confined to a wheel-chair. One man on the subway said to her, “Ooh love did someone f**k you too hard and now you’re broken?” Men on the street flash her, or they grab her, and then they run away.

Jane was 20 years old and deaf, when a car stopped next to her and the driver catcalled at her. She couldn’t hear him and did not respond. He drove his car in front of her, blocking her path, and screamed, “I’m trying to compliment you, but you’re ignoring me. I don’t tolerate being ignored.”

No victims there …

The ability to go about your day without harassment should be a basic human right. Yet 80% of women endure frequent Public Sexual Harassment.

We’re collaborating with Our Streets Now to bring attention to Public Street Harassment across the world, inspire people to speak up, and encourage lawmakers to make Public Sexual Harassment a Criminal Offense.

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