Public Sexual Harassment (PSH)

Put Her in Her Place

In non-Western countries, a woman alone on the street may be fondled, groped, or grabbed and raped by any passing male.

This conduct is not about sex. Even the stupidest male knows that such behaviour is not “courting” behaviour.

It is about power and domination, punishment, humiliation, and degradation. It is meant to belittle, terrorize, and dehumanize her. It is intended to brutally put her in her place.

〰 ⚤ 〰

In the West, males know if they tried such actions, they could be charged with a crime. But the need some men have to dominate, punish, and degrade women is an overwhelming one.

〰 ⚤ 〰

So, he substitutes verbal abuse for physical abuse. His words are chosen to disgust the recipient, to terrorize her, to belittle her. The meaning of his words is very clear:

You stupid c**t – if I can do this to you in public, imagine what I could do to you in private – and be afraid, be very afraid just being on the same street as I am. I own you, bitch.

It’s not your fault

You are NOT the cause of your harassment. It matters not if you are covered-up completely, or if part of you is exposed; it matters not what part of you is exposed; it matters not if you are young or old, pretty or plain, fat or thin, able or not; it matters not your race, creed or colour; it matters not if you are straight or LGBQT+.

Nothing you can do matters because it is NOT about you – it is about some small-minded little prick believing he has the god-given right to harass others in a public place. It’s about HIM getting HIS jollies, getting HIS fix of terror in another person’s eyes, getting the sheer pleasure it gives HIM to know he can control you, he can abuse you, he can threaten you AND YOU HAVE NO RECOURSE.

The only way to stop this is to ensure that these males understand it is unacceptable behaviour. That it will be punished.

We have made illegal duelling, slavery, 80-hour work weeks, child marriage, private wars (e.g., as in Romeo and Juliet where two families engage in endless violence), burning women at the stake, and a variety of other activities which were at one-time considered entirely normal behaviour,
It is well-past time to make Public Sexual Harassment (PSH) illegal, giving its victims a legal recourse so that these little creeps can be held accountable for their terrorism.