Logical Phallusies

Limit Her With Impossible Standards

Never leave your home unaccompanied by a male. Even if widowed, starve rather than work. Cover yourself completely; let not a stray hair show, nor an ankle, or a wrist. Walk so quietly that no male is disturbed by the sound of your sandals. Be noiselessly invisible, though you are made of matter.

〰 ⚤ 〰

Limit daily life to a space so tiny that any person, male or female, would suffocate. (Imagine being confined to COVID 19 quarantine for the rest of your life – that’s what purdah is.)

〰 ⚤ 〰

Patriarchal logic:
Set a standard few human beings could keep.
Abuse, beat, imprison, rape, or kill her if she fails to conform.

Please note….

“Purdah” is derived from a Persian word. It refers to the custom of “concealing” females behind walls, or a veil/curtain, which is practiced throughout the Middle East. Next the headscarf is used by the majority of women in most Middle Eastern communities – be they Muslim, Christian, or of any other faith. Even Western women visiting these countries may be required to wear one. That is the reason for the picture to accompany the text.

Next, read the first slide very carefully – those restrictions have been historically used in EVERY patriarchal community, globally. This is NOT a statement about any particular faith – it IS a statement about patriarchal beliefs, which cross all cultures, religions and nations, and how they limit the abilities of women to function like free human beings, regardless of race, colour, religious belief, or national origin.

If you have been reading our cartoons, you know we have been discussing patriarchal behaviours throughout history and across all cultures. Prior cartoons have referred to the Middle East and the headscarf. For example:

No one wrote to us saying we were being discriminatory for these depictions.

Many of our cartoons have used, without comment, other identifiable minorities as part of the message being shared, which is that we are against oppression, prejudice, and bigotry; we are for justice, equality, and fairness.

So, we would appreciate it if you would think before you pull the trigger on us with some accusation of bias towards any particular group.