Logical Phallusies

Dress Charade


Go to a war museum and check-out those uniforms!

Gold frills, lace, chains, high collars picked-out in precious metals, silk scarves, silver and mother of pearl buttons, bright colours!

Poufy feathers on even poufier hats, spiffy high black leather boots with higher heels, slinky riding crops!

Bejewelled weapons, tight pants, ornate jackets. More recently, dashing khaki, and sexy camouflage, expertly tailored to reveal manly bulges.

All littered with pendants, ribbons, tiny embroidered or enamelled flags and stars, and of course, lots of shiny medals.

The macho military male has been the Mr. Dress-Up of history.

Yet men whine about women and their obsession with fashion.

For a visual feast of male pouffery, you may wish to look at this book …

Visual Encyclopedia of Military Uniforms Paperback – Sept. 19 2011