Double Standards Between Men and Women

Definition of Double Standard

A double standard is “a rule or principle which is unfairly applied in different ways to different people or groups.”

Oxford Dictionary

Double standards between genders

Double standards are one of the key issues in feminism because the fact that men can live by a different set of rules than women creates inequity between the two genders.

According to some, double standards between men and women can potentially exist with regards to dating, cohabitation, virginity, marriage/remarriage, sexual abuse/assault/harassment, domestic violence, and singleness.


Examples of double standards:

In the context of Feminism, double standards mean that women are unfairly treated, humiliated, abused, and discriminated against just for being female.

  • Woman’s work is often unrecorded, unrecognized, and uncompensated.
  • Women who do earn a living are paid less than a man for doing the same work.
  • Women earn less than men, but pay more than men for the same necessary items and services (the “pink tax”).
  • Men with children are paid more than men without them; women with children earn the same as women without them.
  • Women are stigmatized for sexual behaviour; men are honoured for the same behaviours.
  • Assertive women are considered unsuitable management material; assertive men are highly promotable.
  • Women’s breasts, in various states of undress, are flagrantly displayed in public on billboards and in store windows / displays; a woman breastfeeding in public may be shamed or driven away.
  • Drugs and medical care designed for a male patient can injure and kill a female one.
  • Women having a heart-attack are more likely to die in the emergency room if their doctor is male.
  • If a child grows-up “bad”, the mother will be blamed, never the father.
  • Women’s inventions have often been credited to men.

We could go on, and on, and on … (and we have)

Double Standards Cartoons

Here’s a few of our hand-picked favorites…


Why does our outlook on sexual promiscuity differ across genders?

If they can get into your snatch, then you’re a slut.


If they can’t get into your snatch, then you’re frigid.



Dogs vs Cats

If the world were cats and dogs, with dogs on top, what would happen? What canine rationalizations would be used to inferiorize, humiliate, and discriminate against cats?

If the world were cats and dogs, with dogs on top, the dogs would pontificate: Cats can’t write great literature because they don’t eat vomit – they’re not concerned with the truly big issues.

〰  ⚤ 〰

Cats can’t create art, or do science or math, because they don’t know how to roll in garbage.

〰  ⚤ 〰

Dogs should never be in submission to cats because cats don’t properly sniff each other’s butts.

Magazine Choices of Men vs Women

Why does our view on “guilty pleasures” differ for men and women?

Women’s magazines:
Fashion, romance, cooking and crafts, and weddings.

〰  ⚤ 〰

Men’s magazines:
Sports, pornography, hunting and killing, and cars.

〰  ⚤ 〰

Intellectual frippery.

Intellectual substance.