Gender Bias

Gender bias is a form of prejudice for (or against) one gender as versus the other. These biases can appear in many ways, both subtle and obvious.

Here are a few of the many areas in life that gender bias exists, which we shed light on through our cartoons:

Gender Bias in Science

Gender bias in Science has two manifestations: How “scientific studies” have contributed to systemic barriers to equality, and how women have been pushed away from STEM roles. 

These two issues are not mutually exclusive …

We’ve written an in-depth resource on Gender Bias in Science.

Gender Bias in Religion

Religious gender biases are probably the oldest issue of inequality that women face. 

Whether it’s the religious leadership roles that men vs women have access to, or the implications that religion has for women – from how they must behave (be in submission to men), to control over their own bodies (abortion and contraception are a sin), to how they may think (suffer not a woman to teach; the man is the head of the wife) – religion remains one of the last (and strongest) defenders of sexism and dogmas which violate the principles of equality and social justice.

One has to ask: Why is this still tolerated?

Take a look at our analysis of Gender Bias in Religion.

Gender Bias in the Arts

We’ve all heard of the famous men in art history from Shakespeare to Mozart, from Picasso to Baryshnikov, but now is the time to recover from that same history the multitude of brilliant women who contributed so much to our global artistic legacy, but who were, and still are, denied the recognition and fame they so properly deserved.  

Enlarge your insight into this astonishing, biased, and deliberate cultural disregard for female talent with our deep-dive into Gender Bias in the Arts.