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Author Odera O'Gonuwe

Odera O’Gonuwe is a 20-year-old who lives in the Midwest. She’s been writing since she was 2 years old and has been published since 2015. She’s currently studying informatics. She hopes to one day be a successful tech entrepreneur while holding an illustrious writing career.

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Books by Odera O’Gonuwe

Akuko Iro: Tales from Our Ancestors
by Odera O'Gonuwe, Ifeoma O'Gonuwe, et al.

Akuko Iro: Tales from Our Ancestors By Odera O’Gonuwe

Akuko Iro is a reimagination of three traditional Igbo fables. ‘How the Turtle Cracked His Back’ shows how the renowned trickster, Turtle, was punished for his gluttony and greed. ‘Why Humans have a Curved Back’ is a story about a young girl, Ugomma, who learns the important lesson: substance is more important than beauty. ‘Why the Sun and Moon Live in the Sky’ is a creation story that explains how the sky, as we know it, came to be.

Life as It Is
by Odera O'Gonuwe

Life as It Is
by Odera O’Gonuwe

What is life through the eyes of a child? Before one reaches that pivotal age and ascends into their 20’s. The end of innocence. These are the eighty-one lessons of life that I have learned in my short time. The final observations before leaving the teenage years. A collection of poems exploring race, gender, youth, womanhood, and other social structures. Life. As it is.

Just Like A Caucasian
by Odera O'Gonuwe and Ifeoma O'Gonuwe

Just Like A Caucasian
by Odera O’Gonuwe and Ifeoma O’Gonuwe

Ndidi, Mohammed, Bianca, and Michael are unalike in many ways. The four teenagers are thrown together one summer to film a documentary on race and identity in the current political climate. Together, they forge a bond and break barriers as they learn from each other and grow. Just Like a Caucasian gives a poignant perspective on race relations and a glimpse of how to navigate these polarized waters.

Shattered (An After Ever Series Book 1)
by Odera O'Gonuwe, Ifeoma O'Gonuwe, et al.

by Odera O’Gonuwe and Ifeoma O’Gonuwe

One year has passed since Cinderella married her prince, but the time has come for the evil stepmother, Lady Rayne, to atone for her sins. She is judged and convicted guilty in the eyes of the court and the people. Banished from the kingdom, far away from all things familiar, she decides to take charge of her destiny. In her crusade for the truth she unweaves a web of dark secrets and harrowing deception spun by the princess at the helm of the mighty kingdom. Unwittingly, she fuels revolution, and leads a roar for change. Though, truth is on her side, the other forces refuse to capitulate, and the clashing sides fight until only one remains.

In the first novel of the After Ever series, the familiar story of Cinderella is turned on its head. Maybe the wicked stepmother is not so evil after all?