Catch-22 (Snatch-22)

Dogs vs Cats

If the world were cats and dogs, with dogs on top, what would happen? What canine rationalizations would be used to inferiorize, humiliate, and discriminate against cats?

If the world were cats and dogs, with dogs on top, the dogs would pontificate: Cats can’t write great literature because they don’t eat vomit – they’re not concerned with the truly big issues.

☿ ☿ ☿ ☿

Cats can’t create art, or do science or math, because they don’t
know how to roll in garbage.

☿ ☿ ☿ ☿

Dogs should never be in submission to cats because cats don’t
properly sniff each other’s butts.
Catch-22 (Snatch-22)

Regarding Your Opinion

I do not wish to hear YOUR opinion of:

☐ How I should behave.
☐ How I should think.
☐ What I should wear.
☐ My education choices.
☐ Whom I should love.
☐ My sexual options.
☐ Whom I should marry.
☐ Whether I should have children.
☐ Whether I may work.
☐ What work I may do.
☐ What I should do with my life.

I am not a slave.
〰 ⚤ 〰
You are not my master. 

Catch-22 (Snatch-22)

Angry Birds

Marxist update:

〰 ⚤ 〰

Women of the world unite.

〰 ⚤ 〰

You have nothing to lose but a few pricks.

Catch-22 (Snatch-22)

How Are We Supposed to Feel?

Women are repressed, brutalized, abused, raped, tortured, and murdered.

〰  ⚤ 〰

How are they supposed to feel?

〰  ⚤ 〰

Guilty, of course.
Catch-22 (Snatch-22)

Sexual Scavengers

Society calls males who abuse women and children “sexual predators”.

This is an insult to predators – noble, skilful, graceful animals which hunt to survive.

Male abusers are bullies, cowards, sleezeballs … too often they are figures of authority – judges, priests, bosses, fathers – who feast upon the already “downed” in our Society.

So, let’s call them what they really are:
“sexual scavengers”.
Catch-22 (Snatch-22)

The Contempt for Wifely Roles

Even buildings speak of the contempt Society feels for the wifely roles.

Nannys often get the worst room in the house. What a way to show our appreciation for their "motherly duties".
Once I visited a stately house with huge airy rooms, graced with picture windows and light.


In the basement, behind the furnace, was a tiny, dark, dank, and windowless room for the nanny/domestic.


Even our architecture betrays the contempt we feel for the wifely roles of child-care and housekeeping.

Catch-22 (Snatch-22)

“The Way She Dressed”

A sarcastic image, portraying that a woman's clothes are NOT an invitation for sex or harassment.
Rapists often insist that the sex was consensual.


The way she dressed; the way she sat, crossed her legs and talked; the earrings she was wearing … all were SIGNS she WANTED sex with him.


Hmmm … hearing strange voices and seeing signs that are invisible to others … seems the only thing missing is a silver foil helmet.

The stats on Street Harassment are NOT good:

  • 80% of women endure frequent street harassment,
  • 45% feel they can’t go alone to public spaces,
  • 50% have to cross the street to avoid street harassment,
  • 26% are in a relationship to avoid harassment,
  • 80% feel the need to be constantly alert on local streets,
  • 9% switched careers to escape harassment

The “Our Streets Now” Campaign

Two sisters, 15 and 21, from the UK have started a campaign to end street harassment in the UK called Our Streets Now.

It started when they spoke about how they experience the world as young women. 

How they feel scared walking home at night. 
How they feel anxious in an empty train carriage. 
How they feel sexualised in their school uniform.

Channelling this anger into change, they decided to start a petition.

Hundreds of women and girls went online to share their stories of being insulted, followed and assaulted in public space. Soon enough, thousands of voices were joining the Our Streets Now movement, tired of harassment being a ‘normal’ part of being a girl.

Our Streets Now became a community determined to challenge the myths and taboos stopping this topic from being discussed, and challenged, out in the open.

Feminine Riles aims to support these two inspiring young women by helping produce content that helps meet communications objectives.

Making street harassment illegal is the first step, but the battle to unraveling toxic societal norms that cause street harassment has just begun.

Public Harassment isn’t about sex
Catch-22 (Snatch-22)

Magazine Choices of Men vs Women

Women’s magazines: Fashion, romance, cooking and crafts, and weddings.

Men’s magazines: Sports, pornography, hunting and killing, and cars.

Women: Intellectual frippery.
Men: Intellectual substance.

The magazine choices of men vs women.
Women: Fashion, romance, cooking and crafts, and weddings.
Men: Sports, pornography, hunting and killing, and cars.
Point in case- every gender has its own guilty pleasures!

Catch-22 (Snatch-22)

Rape is Not About Sex

Research shows that rape is not about sex.

〰  ⚤ 〰

It is about power, humiliation, degradation, and punishment.

〰  ⚤ 〰

Ejaculation is an after-thought.

“Speak” is commonly read in high school and college literature classes, and has proven to be a useful springboard to conversations about rape mythology, sexual violence and consent.

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Catch-22 (Snatch-22)


If they can get into your snatch, then you’re a slut.

〰  ⚤ 〰

If they can’t get into your snatch, then you’re frigid.

〰  ⚤ 〰


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