Logical Phallusies

No Responsibility …

Men boldly demand the right to shape their own destiny …

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… while too often claiming they cannot control their mouths, hands, eyes, pricks, or lust.

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What luck … destiny without responsibility!

Public Sexual Harassment (PSH)

Spell “Street Harasser”

How do you spell “street harasser”?

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Looking at the abusive and threatening behaviour of these cowards, one has to conclude:

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Human Trafficking Stats

Stats and Facts on Human Trafficking

Modern Slavery / Human trafficking involves the exploitation of human beings through forced prostitution, marriage and labor, and organ removal.

Stats on human trafficking

  • There are more slaves in the world today than at any other time in human history!
  • An estimated 20 – 40 million people were held in bondage in 2019, meaning there are more slaves in the world today than at any other time in human history.
  • The number of slaves is growing by over 1 million per year.
  • In the time you took to read this post, another human being was trafficked into slavery.
  • Every 30 seconds another human being becomes a new victim of human trafficking.
    • Over 70% of victims are female
    • Over 50% of victims are children
  • The world’s fastest-growing criminal industry is human trafficking.
  • It generates greater than $150 billion per year in revenues.
  • Over $99 billion was earned from sexual exploitation, primarily of females and children.

Historical Women

Remembering Ruth Bader Ginsburg, a Feminist Hero

US Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg died on September 18th – an enormous loss, and she will be mourned globally.

A candlelit makeshift memorial on the steps of the US Supreme Court following the death of Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Photo Credit: Ben J
A candlelit makeshift memorial on the steps of the US Supreme Court following the death of Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Photo Credit: Ben J

Justice Ginsburg was a fearless feminist and has made monumental contributions to the feminism movement–and its fight against gender-based discrimination.

Ginsburg was known for her scholarly, balanced opinions and personal courage.  She spent her entire career working to eliminate gender-based stereotyping in legislation and regulations.

To honor her, we’ll share a few of her many accomplishments and contributions to society, and why she was inducted into the National Women’s Hall of Fame.

School and Early Career

Ginsburg was one of nine women accepted to Harvard Law School (out of a class of 500), where the school’s dean asked the female students to explain how they could justify taking the place of a man in his school.

Despite her impressive credentials at graduation, including making Law Review and graduating at the top of her class, she had difficulty finding a job in the male-dominated legal profession.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg at Senate confirmation hearing for her appointment to the Supreme Court.
Ruth Bader Ginsburg at Senate confirmation hearing for her appointment to the Supreme Court. Photo Credit R. Michael Jenkins

Early in her career, she was a law professor, becoming the first woman to earn tenure at Columbia University School of Law.

She worked on an American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) case involving the discrimination against women ultimately helping strike down a state law that favored men over women as estate administrators. This marked the first time the Supreme Court struck down a law because of gender-based discrimination. (Reed v Reed)

In 1972, Ginsburg co-founded the Women’s Rights Project at the American Civil Liberties Union.

She was soon their general council, launching a series of gender discrimination cases, winning five of six cases brought before the Supreme Court.

Her approach was cautious and strategic, favoring incrementalism – dismantling sexist laws and policies one-by-one, as opposed to the risk of losing by asking the Supreme Court to outlaw all discriminatory rules at once.

US Supreme Court

She was the second woman ever confirmed to the US Supreme Court. 

U.S. Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg,
receives the LBJ Liberty & Justice for All Award.
Jay Godwin / Public domain

During her 27 years on that bench, she quickly emerged as a fearless champion of progressive causes, serving as a counterbalance to the court, which in recent years slanted in favor of conservative justices.

Her dissents were forceful, but Ginsburg didn’t shy away from criticizing the opinions of her colleagues.

Her life was the subject of the excellent 2018 film, On the Basis of Sex. One review stated that the movie “is nowhere near as groundbreaking as its real-life subject, but her extraordinary life makes a solid case for itself as an inspirational, well-acted biopic.”

Ms. Ginsburg was an amazing trailblazer who will be remembered for generations to come as someone who changed the world for the better, who fought for equality and fairness, who left a glorious mark upon America which can never be erased.

Her spirit is captured in her words: Fight for the things that you care about, but do it in a way that will lead others to join you.

Public Sexual Harassment (PSH)

Enjoying One Small Victory

Charges have been dropped against an Uzbek woman who beat up two men (30 and 33), who verbally and physically harassed her in the street.

Gulsanam Alijonova, 23, who has trained in the martial arts, had been charged with hooliganism for refusing to accept being abused.

〰 ⚤ 〰

However, the community, bloggers and public figures rallied behind her saying she should be rewarded for standing-up to her harassers.

Saida Mirziyoyeva, the President’s eldest daughter, condemned the move to prosecute, comparing it with the tolerant attitude the law shows towards men who engage in domestic violence against women.

〰 ⚤ 〰

By contrast, no charges were laid against the men who initiated the event by using violence, threats, foul language, and insulting her appearance. They were not even questioned by the police, let alone asked to apologize.

〰 ⚤ 〰

Thus, globally, it is still the case that if a woman defends herself she is at risk of being criminally charged. But, if she cannot protect herself, then she has no legal recourse for the abuse done to her.

In the streets, men are empowered by the Law to engage in abuse, which if done in the home, at work, or in a business setting would be an offense.

〰 ⚤ 〰

But let us enjoy this one small victory before rallying to make street harassment illegal!

Onwards, my sisters!

Public Sexual Harassment (PSH)

Put Her in Her Place

In non-Western countries, a woman alone on the street may be fondled, groped, or grabbed and raped by any passing male.

This conduct is not about sex. Even the stupidest male knows that such behaviour is not “courting” behaviour.

It is about power and domination, punishment, humiliation, and degradation. It is meant to belittle, terrorize, and dehumanize her. It is intended to brutally put her in her place.

〰 ⚤ 〰

In the West, males know if they tried such actions, they could be charged with a crime. But the need some men have to dominate, punish, and degrade women is an overwhelming one.

〰 ⚤ 〰

So, he substitutes verbal abuse for physical abuse. His words are chosen to disgust the recipient, to terrorize her, to belittle her. The meaning of his words is very clear:

You stupid c**t – if I can do this to you in public, imagine what I could do to you in private – and be afraid, be very afraid just being on the same street as I am. I own you, bitch.

It’s not your fault

You are NOT the cause of your harassment. It matters not if you are covered-up completely, or if part of you is exposed; it matters not what part of you is exposed; it matters not if you are young or old, pretty or plain, fat or thin, able or not; it matters not your race, creed or colour; it matters not if you are straight or LGBQT+.

Nothing you can do matters because it is NOT about you – it is about some small-minded little prick believing he has the god-given right to harass others in a public place. It’s about HIM getting HIS jollies, getting HIS fix of terror in another person’s eyes, getting the sheer pleasure it gives HIM to know he can control you, he can abuse you, he can threaten you AND YOU HAVE NO RECOURSE.

The only way to stop this is to ensure that these males understand it is unacceptable behaviour. That it will be punished.

We have made illegal duelling, slavery, 80-hour work weeks, child marriage, private wars (e.g., as in Romeo and Juliet where two families engage in endless violence), burning women at the stake, and a variety of other activities which were at one-time considered entirely normal behaviour,
It is well-past time to make Public Sexual Harassment (PSH) illegal, giving its victims a legal recourse so that these little creeps can be held accountable for their terrorism.

Double Standards

No Victims …

Prostitution is often called a victimless crime.

〰 ⚤ 〰

A 60-year-old, fat, wrinkled and balding man has brutal anal sex with Maria, a 12-year-old girl, younger than his daughter.

〰 ⚤ 〰

13-year-old Amanda is locked in a room and forced to have sex with 30 to 40 men per day.

When she tries to escape, the pimp breaks her arm with a baseball bat. Her customers “work-around” her injuries.

〰 ⚤ 〰

Jane, at 14, ran away from her abusive family “for love”. Her new boyfriend brought over his friends; they repeatedly gang-raped her. Once she was properly broken-in, he started selling her body for sex.

〰 ⚤ 〰

Marta, 15, poor, desperate, responded to an ad for a job. She was drugged, beaten, and sold to a pimp.

〰 ⚤ 〰

No victims there …

The Invisible Woman

The Next Feminist Revolution

The next feminist revolution: The back to Motherhood and Nurture movement.

〰 ⚤ 〰

For tens of millennia, before patriarchy existed, Mothers were worshipped.

Motherhood was a highly respected profession.

Time to go back and to reclaim our heritage … Mothers are the foundation of the world, the guardians of its future.

〰 ⚤ 〰

There is nothing unfeminist in choosing to be a Mother … it is the most feminist of choices:

>> PROVIDED it is a choice.
>> PROVIDED it is respected.
>> PROVIDED it is not a vow of poverty, fear, abuse, dependence, and enslavement.

〰 ⚤ 〰

Take back the Night?

Hell no! Time to take back the Family from the Right.

Gender Bias in Science

Biology is NOT Destiny

Biology is NOT destiny.

The fact that a woman is biologically determined to have a womb tells you she MAY GET pregnant.

It tells you nothing whatsoever about what she can or cannot do.

〰 ⚤ 〰

Dogs are genetically programmed as predators – we do not tolerate them hunting our offspring.

Gorilla and chimp vocal cords are genetically designed so that they cannot voice words, yet they have learned to communicate with us using sign language.

〰 ⚤ 〰

“Biological possibility and desire are not the same as biological need. Women have childbearing equipment. For them to choose not to use the equipment is no more blocking what is instinctive than it is for a man who, muscles or no, chooses not to be a weightlifter.”

– Betty Rollin

Betty Rollin is one of a multitude of amazing women who have been ignored by his-story. Check her out on wikipedia

She has written books on coping with cancer and death and been the subject of two popular movies.

The Invisible Woman

What Do Moms Deserve?

The family values crowd talks endlessly about our “precious” children and that they deserve loving care by their moms.

〰 ⚤ 〰

What do moms deserve?

〰 ⚤ 〰

Better than a dead-end, unpaid job with no pension, no benefits, and no recognition. Better than to be run to death by work. Better than to be trapped in poverty.